Last month my friends Psyche and Crystal asked me to go with them at Sulu Garden Miagao, Iloilo. It's just an hour and a half commute from the city.  It was a nice Japanese inspired restaurant with a very interesting man-made landscape features. Eating there is like a walk in a  tranquil garden since that you can take pictures freely with all the miniature architectures. If you want a relaxing place without the noise and hassle of the city then this is the perfect place for you.   ♥
Below are some pics that we took while visiting there.
ENJOY! ♥♥♥

Here is their outdoor dining area. 

The sumptuous food  that we ordered. 

We asked the waiter to take a picture of us
You can also choose to have your meal beside the river.
Have your cute tea party here! 
Below are the cute miniatures and amazing plants that you can freely take pictures with. 

They also have a giant chessboard that you can play with!