Last month my friends Psyche and Crystal asked me to go with them at Sulu Garden Miagao, Iloilo. It's just an hour and a half commute from the city.  It was a nice Japanese inspired restaurant with a very interesting man-made landscape features. Eating there is like a walk in a  tranquil garden since that you can take pictures freely with all the miniature architectures. If you want a relaxing place without the noise and hassle of the city then this is the perfect place for you.   ♥
Below are some pics that we took while visiting there.
ENJOY! ♥♥♥

We asked the waiter to take a picture of us Below are the cute miniatures and amazing plants that you can freely take pictures with. 


I was on the 26th floor in one of the most beautiful hotels in Makati City, Philippines. The city lights at night are blinding but beautiful in a weird way. I was holding my breath while looking out of the glass window. I didn't had the best week, I was a failure, I failed the exams, I was stressed out and I was crying like there's no tomorrow. It came to a point where there are no positive thoughts left in my mind anymore. My heart was beating so fast and I can feel that there is a dark cloud showering me with nothing but sadness. I wanted to jump out of the window and end up the miserable feeling that I was experiencing. I quit the job that was supposed to be a good step for my career but I was failing so hard even if I was studying like crazy and all the emotional feeling are unexplained. I had an emotional breakdown and I feel so helpless every now and then. After what happened I decided to go home and face my sadness alone. I was so shy and I can't even look my frien…


Today I had 4 cups of tea and my somewhat artistic mind just keeps on winding. I can't think of anything to do so I grabbed my cellphone tripod and wore my colorful pair of shoes that's filled with sequins and happy prints. I always loved vibrant colors and weird pieces of clothes since I was a kid. I have uncontrollable emotions when it comes to art that I even colored my barbie's hair red using a permanent pentel pen.

I had happy days but like most unique unicorns I had bad ones too. People will dislike you for loving things that they hate. Some may hate anything that they cannot understand. They will criticize you for being different and it will end up telling you to change. Most people have a perfect example of what a person should be and if it won't resemble you of course, they will judge you because you are outside of their comfort zone. Sadly, like any other normal human i changed. I opted for neutral tones, I pretend that I hated too colorful childish things, …


Do you ever had a hard time dealing with someone you know? Not that you are unsocial but becausw that specific person makes you feel uncomfortable and keeps on speading negative vibes? Let's just say that you had talked it out and you already gave them advices on how to deal with their problems and spoonfed them with positivitt everyday. Is that person starting to be a baggage? Backbites everyone? Boastful? Inconsiderate? If all your answers are yes then let's get straight to the point on how to handle them with this 3 steps. 😉


Let's all admit no matter how we try to avoid these kind of people they are all over social media. Some people also have a different attitude in their personal lives and on facebook. You want to clean your slate but you don't want to hurt other people's feelings as well, so the best way to do that on facebook is just to simply click "UNFOLLOW" . If you are actually into the journey of minimalism you ch…


💜LIFE OF BERNADETTE💜 "How to stop yourself from buying stuff that you don't need."
"PAYDAY" sounds magical right?! Well, who can blame you? Days full of stress, deadlines, irritating colleagues, annoying bosses, there are endless reasons to feel so wasted. So what's the most popular reliever? "SHOPPING."
All that sale and big billboards that says 50% off on everything hypnotize us and affects our lives more than we ever know. With just one swipe all your hard earned money goes to stuff that you don't actually need. Its ok, I know the feeling of guilt that you have spent all your money instead of saving it to your bank account. At first glance you will say that this discounted item will make you feel happy, will make you feel contented and also you think that you saved a lot by buying what's on sale. Well, newsflash! You will be saving more if you actually kept it because spending on something that is on sale in't equal to saving.  So…

3 things that you can eliminate from your life NOW.

"You can change your life
by imagination and hardwork."
3 THINGS THAT YOU CAN ELIMINATE  We all know that life can be a lot stressful and almost everything new that is out in the market overwhelms us. New phones, bags, clothings and make ups. So the best way to refresh your life is to declutter.  Most of us purchase things that we don't necesarilly need and it piles up without us noticing it. So here are 3 things that you can dispose  to start a new lifestyle.1. Old and Unused Clothing
Go ahead and check your wardrobe!  Sort out your clothes and  make these 3 piles. First pile is the clothes that you love and makes you feel gorgeous  then for another pile put clothes that you never ever used or clothes that you don't like most and you just bought it because of impulsive buying and the last one, a pile of clothes that you cannot let go because of its sentimental value.  After completing your 3 piles hang those clothes that you love and think deep down if you really l…


My Road to Minimalism

"Extreme" The first word that entered in my head when i first read what minimalism is and also after watching a few videos that are circulating on facebook. I was like how can they live with just a few items? What if they'll experience lazy days and would rather spend their day on the couch than doing laundry because they only have a few pieces of clothing? I told myself that i can't live like that. 
As time goes by I was feeling a bit stressed out with my job, my life and everything that surrounds me. EVERYTHING IS OVERWHELMING. I used to be a Sales Executive for a car company here in the Philippines so the pressure is always around the corner. I stayed in the company for almost 2 and a half years but the environment is so toxic that i decided to quit (i will tell you why on my other blog entries 😉) . I was suffering from Gerd and high blood pressure because of my unhealthy lifestylr and eating was my way out. Hoarding make up was my favorite th…